HUHR/1601/: 4.1.1. Co-operation in higher education
Project acronym: ISD Uni
Lead Beneficiary: PTE


No.TypeProgramme result indicator of the selected Component UnitBase-line
Target value realized by LB/Bs

(e.g LB: 200; B1 50; B2: 70;)
SO1resultNumber of educational institutions in the project that offer courses JOINTLY or with region- or neighbouring country-specific content pcs0,002,00LB (1 ISD pilot course)
B1 (1 ISD pilot course)


No.TypeProgramme output indicator(s) of the selected Component UnitBase-line
Target value realized by LB/Bs and way of realization 
SO2outputJOINT training courses developed and delivered (formal and informal)pcs0,001,001 ISD pilot course jointly developed, and delivered 2 times by LB in Pécs and by B1 in Varasdin.
Courses based on Good Practices, academic studies, feedbacks from the profession and tailored curriculum. Course lecturers are from LB, B1 and B2.
SO3outputNumber of educational premises refurbished pcs0,000,00Not relevant.
SO4outputNumber of educational premises upgraded with technical equipmentpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
SO5outputNumber of participants in JOINT education and training programs to support youth employment, educational opportunities and higher and vocational education across borderspersons0,0024,0024 university students, LB: 12, B1: 12.
12 from Pécs, 12 from North universities. 6 Hungarian students attending Croatian course are different from those 6 of the Hungarian course, and the other way round.
SO6outputNumber of involved marginalised persons in training programspersons


No.TypeName of indicatorUnitBase-line
Target value realized by LB/Bs and way of realization 
General indicators
G10outputNumber of communication managers designated at the LB/B in the partnershipperson0,003,00LB: 1, B1: 1, B2: 1.
All beneficiaries designate 1 member of their staff for effective information and publicity. LB and B2 have female, B1 has male communication manager.
G4resultNumber of people directly benefiting from the project (e.g. participants of events, trainings, workshops, etc.)person0,0036,0012 CR students, 12 HU students, 3 CR professionals, 9 HU professionals
G5outputNumber of project events (conference, workshop, meeting, seminar, study tour, exchange programs etc.) pcs0,0010,004 project meetings, 2 workshops, 2 study trips, 2 summer schools
G7outputNumber of newly elaborated/harmonised documents (development plans, studies, researches, surveys, technical and training materials) pcs0,001,00ISD Uni academic study
G1resultNumber of settlements influenced by the project pcs0,002,00Study visits will be organised at Pécs and Varasdin.
Horizontal indicators
H4outputNumber of awareness rising events (workshops, trainings, educational programmes) targeting or promoting cultural values in the border regionpcs0,004,002 workshops (LB, B1), 2 pilot courses (LB, B1)


No.TypeName of indicatorUnitBase-line valueTarget valueTarget value realized by LB/Bs and way of realization
Component specific indicators
C1resultNumber of unemployed people participating in JOINT training programs persons0,000,00Not relevant.
C2outputNumber of new methods and forums for knowledge transfer established by the projectpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C3outputNumber of educational materials developed (curricula, e-learning material, books, e-books etc.) pcs0,002,00LB-B1-B2: 1 ISD academic studies book (available in e-book version as well).
LB-B1-B2: 1 ISD curriculum (available in e-curriculum version as well).
Content is common work of all beneficiaries; whilst LB edits-prints.
C4outputNumber of newly established/developed JOINT life-long learning training modules pcs0,001,00LB, B1, B2: 1 ISD pilot course, with active participation of all beneficiaries.
C5outputNumber of language courses fostering HU-HR languagespcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C6outputNumber of participants involved in JOINT programs for apprentices (dual vocational educational programs)pcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C7outputNumber of kindergartens involved in the projectpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C8outputNumber of elementary schools involved in the projectpcs0,0000,00Not relevant.
C9outputNumber of secondary schools involved in the projectpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C10outputNumber of higher education institutions (e.g.: universities) involved in the projectpcs0,002,00LB: 1 (University of Pécs),
B1: 1 (University North).
C11outputNumber of cross-border internships, scholarships, placements established by the projectpcs0,002,00LB: 1 (as the Pécs ISD pilot course is a boarding [internship] course of one week),
B1: 1 (as the Varasdin ISD pilot course is a boarding [internship] course of one week).
C12outputNumber of schools establishing new or developing old twin-school cooperations across the borderpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C13outputNumber of JOINT capacity building events for teacherspcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C14outputNumber of JOINT educational events organized for Roma peoplepcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C15outputNumber of libraries taking part in the projectpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C16outputNumber of cultural centres taking part in the projectpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
C17outputNumber of JOINT non-formal educational events in the projectpcs0,000,00Not relevant.
Project specific indicators
Project specific 1resultIncrease in the number of experts of ISDpersons0,0048,00LB: 12 HU practicing professionals on ISD workshops, 12 HU university students on ISD pilot courses.
B1: 12 HR practicing professionals on ISD workshops, 12 HR university students on ISD pilot courses.
Project specific 2resultIncrease in the number of newly established higher educational cooperationspcs0,001,00LB, B1: 1. Before "ISD Uni" project there has never been any project based cooperation between the two universities.
Project specific 3resultIncrease in number of joint educational materialspcs0,002,001 joint academic study, 1 joint curriculum