Project activities

Component: 4.1.1. Co-operation in higher education
Project acronym: ISD Uni
Lead Beneficiary: Pécsi Tudományegyetem


 Activities within the projectDescription of activity Location of the activity
(Activities outside of the eligible area also have to be reported here!)
Direct target groups Responsible Beneficiary organisation(s) where costs incurEstimated costs
Relevant implementation periods - or planned timing 
1Project administration and managementProject management (PM) activities enabling cooperation of beneficiaries, delivering project outputs and effective use of human-financial resources. 1 Subsidy Contract, 1 Partnership Agreement, 4 PM meetings, 4 progress-1 final reports, 3 laptopsPécs, Koprivnica, Varasdin- staff of beneficiariesLB, B1, B216.720,00 €4 trimesters
1-16 months
2Information and publicityInform. and publ. activities of project results with involvement of target groups and supporting stakeholders. 1 kick-off-1 final confs. with 1-1 press confs, A3 posters, 1 promot. material, 3 webpages, 2 press releases with 3-3 media appearances.Pécs, Varasdin- university students
- architects, urban-territorial planners, civil engineers,
- lecturers and staff of beneficiaries
LB, B1, B227.671,15 €4 trimesters
1-16 months
3Study visit on border-zone ISD Good PracticesStudy visits make inventory of relevant Hungarian ISD and related Croatian practices, and collect information for ISD analysis and planning in six thematic areas. 2 study visits.Varasdin County, Baranya County- lecturers and staff of beneficiaries
- (supporting stakeholders in accordance with the Letter of Support)
LB, B1, B25,739,00 €1st trimester
3rd-4th months
4Elaboration of ISD academic studiesExperience and science based ISD academic studies enlarge specific border zone knowledge and add to creation of cross-professional ISD knowledge base. HU, HR, EN studies on six thematic areas, 250 pgs, e-version and 75EN, 50HU, 25HR printed.Pécs, Varasdin- lecturers and staff of beneficiariesLB, B1, B250.590,90 €2nd trimester
5th-6th-7th-8th months
5ISD cross-border workshops for the ISD professionGood Practices and studies presented to ISD profession on workshops for their feedbacks and for expanding their ISD vision. 2 bilingual workshops, 9 HU and 3 HR professionals (and on the way rounnd). These events are being open to students, too.Pécs, Varasdin- archit., urban-territ. planners, civil engin.s
- lecturers-staff of benefic.s
- (students)
- (supp. stakehs - Letter of Support)
LB, B1, B25.842,00 €2nd-3rd trimesters
8th-9th months
6ISD curriculum developmentProject beneficiaries elaborate ISD curriculum based on academic studies and on the ground experiences, in higher educations standards, leaving curriculum open to be taught in further universities. 125 pgs, e-version, 25-25-25 HU, HR, EN printed.Pécs, Varasdin- lecturers and staff of beneficiariesLB, B1, B226,644,20 €3rd-4th trimesters
10th-11th-12nd-13rd months
7ISD pilot courseISD pilot courses at LB-B1, based on curriculum, lecturers of project beneficiaries. 1 course in EN (delivered in Pécs and in Var., HU and HR lecturers in each course, 6 days boarding course). 24 participants (12 HU-12 HR, incl. 1 roma-1 disdvantaged).Pécs, Varasdin- university studentsLB, B1, B223.739,08 €4th trimester
14th-15th months
8ISD Uni sustainability reportISD sustainability report summarises lessons learnt, directions of future replicability of ISD course in border zone. Professional, organisational and financial sustainablility is addressed, all beneficiaries write. E-doc., 25 pgs, HU-HR-EN versions.Pécs, Varasdin- lecturers and staff of beneficiariesLB, B1, B218 360,82 €4th trimester
15th-16th months